Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is not the “perfect diet” or a regimen to “get the body you always wanted”. An eating disorder is a disease, and illness would locks a person into a prison of pain and suffering, loneliness and fear, secrecy and isolation, loss of identity and relationships, loss of dreams and goals; which could eventually lead to death.

An eating disorder is a symptom of something much deeper going on inside a person; affecting the mind, body and spirit. While nutrition is an important component to recovery, the emphasis of therapy is addressing the issues within the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities of a person. It is also important to understand how an eating disorder functions in each of those capacities.

I help to empower clients to learn to make life-giving choices rather than just choices of survival. Clients learn to be proactive in their recovery using the skills, tools, and insight learned in therapy.

Clients learn there is no perfect recovery; it’s a process and journey. Recovery is difficult, yet very possible.

Specializing in Eating Disorders

There is Hope!